Deemed as the adventure capital of Australia, the beautiful island city of Gold Coast boasts its exciting theme parks, hinterland ranges, natural parks, majestic rainforests and wildlife, apart from its idyllic beaches and surf spots. This is why many adventure-seekers and daredevils consider it their ideal holiday getaway and even other travellers who wish to eliminate some items on your bucket list.

If you’re heading over Gold Coast for your next holiday, make sure you’re strong enough to brave all the exciting challenges and prepare yourself for some wild and fun adventures.

If you defying heights is one of the craziest and hardest challenges for you, then you’ll find it worth a try to climb up to 270 meters above sea level and experience an exhilarating adventure at the SkyPoint Climb, Australia’s highest external building climb. Upon reaching the top, you’ll enjoy the breathtaking 360 degree views of the Gold Coast region. So, don’t forget to bring your camera or smartphone with you and take photos of the scenic Gold Coast landscape from up above.

For a nerve-wracking jet boat thrill ride on the breathtaking Gold Coast Broadwater, try the Jet Boat Extreme. This totally extreme aquatic adventure lasts for almost an hour and allows you to experience 360-degree spins and water slides. Along the boat ride, you’ll also be passing by some scenic views around Gold Coast’s most famous landmarks.

If these don’t sound too extreme yet then brace yourself for a more nerve-wracking experience as you go skydiving on Gold Coast. Jump out of the helicopter at 12,000 feet above the ground. Free-fall for about 40 seconds before floating under the parachute and delight in the amazing Gold Coast views, and land on the beautiful sand of Kirra Beach.

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Image Source : SkyPoint Australia