Whenever you surprise your kids on a holiday getaway, they feel excited about the fun things they can do, experience and explore. With that in mind, Burleigh Heads Resort takes pride of these three fun things your kids will love about our stylish contemporary apartments, our lists of tourist attraction suggestions, our hotel tour desk team, and most of all, our wide selections of interesting outdoor and indoor activities.

Children’s Games Room

Kids are naturally playful so they will surely get hooked with our entertainment room. With its different game equipment, amenities and gadgets, they really couldn’t say no and would even want to spend hours of fun in our resort’s games room. This is also a great place for them to play around and meet new friends. With this, their social skills are enhanced, their levels of self-confidence and self-esteem are increased, and most of all, their self-worth is felt and ascertained.

Heated Pool and Spa

We have inviting, dazzling and seasonally heated swimming pool and spa that will give you a relaxing dip to relieve stress and feel rejuvenated. This becomes really interesting as you could all enjoy swimming while taking pleasure in some sumptuous BBQ lunch by the poolside.

Internet and WiFi Access

At Swell Resort, everyone can get online, send an email, and update their social media accounts. Our resort has complimentary access to the internet. We have an internet chair in the lobby where you can still get connected with your other relatives and friends even on a holiday break. Thus, we also have WiFi Broadband Internet available if you wish to have access at the comfort of your own rooms.

These are just three of the many reasons while you’ll love your stay at Swell Resort. So, plan a holiday escape today and surprise the kids to a fun, relaxing and hassle-free accommodation at Burleigh Heads Resort.

Feel free to visit our page http://swell.etourism.net.au/ for online bookings and child-friendly holiday treats and packages.